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A mini dressing room

When we did the renovation of the house, we took out a large enclosed space - 1.59 x 1.50 m - instead of a closet. It could be like a small dressing room or closet with a door. But now I don't know how to distribute your interior to make the most of it.
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Rooms with different uses

I have two children of 4 and 18 months, respectively. Until now, because of their schedules and rhythms, they slept in separate rooms. Now that the little one is going to go to bed I wonder if it is preferable to keep two rooms, one for each of them, or to locate the rest area of ​​the two in one room and reserve the other for study area and games. Due to the irregularity of the plant, I am sure that I have to resort to custom furniture, but I want it to be well distributed and with storage space. One of the walls is a window.
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A colorful lounge

Can you help me distribute the living room of my new house? It has two windows, one of them - the widest - is the door through which the patio is accessed.
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